Practical Tips for Building an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

There’s nothing like entertaining your family and guests in an outdoor living space. Not only is it simply more fun and relaxing, but when you have more than five or so people over, it’s easier for everyone to spread out. Plus, with the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we socialize, an outdoor space can be the perfect way to ensure that you and yours maintain a thriving social life. If you’re interested in creating an outdoor kitchen and dining area, the tips below can help you get off to a solid start.

Know When to Hire a Pro

While many aspects of an outdoor kitchen and dining area can be DIY’d, there are some projects and tasks that are best suited for professionals. For example, you should probably hire a pro to install any gas-fueled appliances, electrical wiring and plumbing. Also, unless you have ample experience, you may benefit from hiring a general contractor, architect, and/or landscape designer to help design your outdoor space and bring it to fruition.

Develop a Budget

The budget you create for your outdoor space will determine many other aspects of the process. Don’t budget for any less than $10,000, as a lot goes into designing, building, getting the right appliances, obtaining permits, and so on. If you want to be safe and your outdoor space will be relatively straightforward, aim to save up about $20,000 for the entire project.

Create Your Layout

One of the most exciting parts of creating an outdoor kitchen and dining area is designing the layout. This is where you will put your dream on paper. When you’re building a kitchen and dining space, you want to consider the function they will serve. For example, you want whoever is cooking the food to feel part of the party, but you don’t want the grill and stove too close to the dining area.

Also, how many appliances do you want? You can keep it simple with a grill, stove and refrigerator. Or you can get more elaborate with a smoker, brick fire oven and other appliances. Whatever layout you choose for your kitchen, make sure you have ample counter space.

Then there’s the overall aesthetics of the outdoor space. You will want to consider whether you want your dining room to be more casual, fancy, earthy, and so on. And of course, you will need to plan what kind of landscaping you want, which can be made easier by using a landscape design app like iScape.

Establish Clean Water

When it comes to function, one of the most important factors to consider is water. To ensure that your family and guests have access to clean and safe water, install a water filtration system. And as long as you change your filter regularly, you can be sure that bacteria and other contaminants are not in your water.

Add Some Extra Amenities for Guests

Finally, it’s important to think of any other amenities your guests would enjoy in your kitchen and dining space. Perhaps a small lounge area with a flat screen TV would provide extra entertainment. Or maybe it would be nice to cozy up by a fireplace near the dining area. Moreover, a bar around the kitchen would give guests an additional place to eat and socialize.

Creating an outdoor kitchen and dining space could be the ideal solution for entertaining your family and guests. Remember to determine what you will need to hire professionals for and draw up a budget before you get too deep into designing the spaces. Lastly, prioritize clean water, and provide extra amenities to make your guests’ time as comfortable and fun as possible.