Quick Perk-Ups for a Patio or Deck

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their deck or patio until they’ve gone out to enjoy a meal or an after-dinner cocktail, then they feel underwhelmed, recognizing that their space doesn’t suit their needs. Often, patios are not comfortable or fun to use because it’s a common belief that outdoor furniture is purely utilitarian and can’t be chic, comfortable or fun.

Here are a few easy design pick-me-ups to create an outdoor space that’s more desirable for you and your guests:

  1. Seating Invest in an all-weather, resin wicker seating set. You can choose from sofas, club chairs, and coffee tables. The possibilities are endless. When you use the same design dynamics outdoors as you do indoors, you’ll be more comfortable and confident using that space.
  2. Rugs Throw down an outdoor rug. An outdoor rug can cost as little as $25 and can completely change the vibe of your outdoor area. Placed under your current outdoor seating, an outdoor rug provides a place of color and a more clearly defined space.
  3. Shade Is your patio too hot to use? Install a shade sail: Shade sails are large pieces of UV resistant fabric that can be tethered to permanent structures (like your house, garage or mounted poles) in 3 or 4 anchor points to provide shade (and a splash of color), where there was none.
  4. Planters Adding planters is always the answer. But when you add a handful of planters (24” diameter or larger) and plant evergreens in them, you receive years of color, height, and texture that will alter your outdoor room for the better. There’s a reason that most high-end shops and restaurants use evergreen trees and shrubs at their front doors; they really can transform a space.
  5. Lighting String large-globed lights from trees or posts to light your outdoor living area. They give light, whimsy and an overwhelming urge to dance in the lawn.
  6. Heating & Cooling Use out-door approved fans and heaters to make your outdoor habitat more…habitable. Patio heaters can be electric or propane and are a safe, effective way to enjoy chilly nights outdoors. When chilly isn’t the problem, consider an outdoor fan, it’ll help you stay cool as well and keep small insects away.
  7. Pest Control Add gauze, canvas or netting curtains to gazebos or other structures to help keep mosquitoes away while adding texture, softness and movement. They can be purchased ready-made or be tackled by weekend warriors armed with canvas drop clothes and a bit of patience.
  8. Fabrics UV resistant fabrics have come a long way from the primary colors and few tropical prints that were once all that was available. These days, patio decor is only limited by what you’re willing to try. Anything you would use indoors, there’s more than likely a sun and waterproof version for you to experiment with outdoors.

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