Retaining Wall Ideas that Work

Block retaining walls can be a genius way to deal with a difficult landscaping situation. They can be used in a myriad of ways to improve landscape design, but are most effective when used to shore up a difficult slope or steep drop off. A retaining wall can transform a problem into a solution.

Traditionally, when there is not a difficult slope situation to deal with, retaining walls are used around buildings and in landscapes for raised planting beds. Incorporating smart design in the form of retaining walls can truly improve a homeowner’s hardscaping view.

retaining wall ideas that work

14 Smart Ideas for Retaining Walls

  1. Incorporate tiered levels or retaining walls on slopes for multi-level gardens in a stair-stepped style flower bed arrangement.
  2. Use retaining walls to build the classic raised planting beds for annual, perennial, and shrub border plantings.
  3. Create stair steps with retaining walls in order to make a landscape safer.
  4. Build an outdoor kitchen utilizing retaining walls to support the cooking equipment.
  5. Have a large lawn? Break the long grassy areas up with elevated retaining walls that will add texture and opportunity to plant colorful flowering plants.
  6. Define the patio space by creating sitting, cooking, or dining nooks.
  7. Add a retaining wall incorporated into a water feature or pond in order to create seating and a waterfall opportunity.
  8. Fire pit seating areas and a central firepit can be designed with short raised walls.
  9. Gabion baskets or corten steel can be used as retaining walls that surround a seating area or enclose a flower bed.
  10. Outdoor fireplaces often incorporate additional seating and a hearth area made from retaining wall bricks.
  11. Low retaining walls look brilliant when incorporated around a large tree.
  12. Natural materials for a retaining wall can be timber, bricks, rocks, boulders, or flagstone.
  13. To fancy up a cinder block retaining wall, add a stone veneer.
  14. Living walls can easily be incorporated in a retaining situation as a great noise absorber – vertical gardens need an irrigation system and appropriate planting material, and looks beautiful.
retaining wall ideas that work

Creative retaining walls can add interest to a landscape and improve the curb appeal value of a home landscape. When designing a retaining wall, be sure to think of the long-term planting and design of the landscape for the most finished look.

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