Safe Ways to Sell Your Home in a Pandemic

Think selling your home during a pandemic is crazy? Think again! The current economic downturn is an opportune time to buy a home and lock in a low interest rate on a mortgage—and buyers are eager to snap up a great deal! As long as you’re selling your home for the right reasons, you don’t have to postpone your plans because of the pandemic.

That said, practicing social distancing and limiting your contact with others is important for preventing the spread of the coronavirus as states begin to reopen. Take advantage of virtual showing options and other open house alternatives to keep everyone safe while your home is for sale. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

What to Know About Selling During COVID-19

If you’ve ever sold a home before, the process is going to look a little different this time around. Redfin reports that buyers are shifting to a virtual house-hunting experience, opting for video tours over live, in-person showings. Showing your home to buyers without putting people at risk of COVID-19 will take some extra considerations. If you don’t want people entering your home, shoot a 3-D walkthrough of the space to post with your real estate listing, and have your agent offer video-chat tours to interested buyers.

If you’re comfortable with in-person showings, provide face masks, gloves, and shoe covers to prevent buyers from bringing the virus into your home. You will also have to double down on your cleaning efforts, wiping and sanitizinghigh-touch surfaces before and after each showing. It’s still important to avoid gatherings, so limit your showings to two people per tour and skip the open house.

Upgrade to Add Value

Before you put your home on the market, consider making a few upgrades. The right home improvements will add value to your home and help attract those potential buyers to your listing. One simple way to boost your home appeal is to paint your front door. If you have a little more room in your renovation budget, consider finishing your basement, updating the kitchen, or designing an inviting outdoor living space where your future buyers can entertain guests. Even something as simple as turning a spare bedroom into a home office can make your home more interesting to potential buyers.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

As long as you’re making improvements to your home, give your exterior some attention. Improving your curb appeal is important even if buyers won’t be visiting your home in person. Start by cleaning up your yard and doing some light landscaping. Remove dead plant material, store away your yard tools, and mow the lawn. You may even want to plant some flowers and add mulch to your garden beds. Before spending a lot of time and money on your landscape design, use the iScape app to envision and plan your project! To further boost your curb appeal, MoneyTalksNews recommends painting your home exterior and replacing old entry fixtures like your house numbers and mailbox.

Keeping Things Clean with Kids at Home

With kids home from school during the summer (and because of school shutdowns across the country), keeping your home clean for showings may be a little more difficult. Make things easier on yourself by getting rid of clutter right from the start. Keeping the surfaces and storage spaces in your home sparkling clean will be much more manageable when you don’t have to navigate clutter. Before buyers visit for a showing, pack your kids into the car and get out of the house. Not only will this help protect your family from the coronavirus, but it will make your potential buyers feel more comfortable discussing your home during their tour.

Adapting to coronavirus social distancing recommendations took some time, but by now, most of us have settled into a new normal. Home buyers are back out there, hunting for great deals and touring homes virtually. Win those buyers over with a few simple home upgrades and some safe viewing options, and you’ll close your sale before you know it!

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