ScottsMiracle-Gro and HGTV’s John Gidding Create Water-Conscious ‘Greenprints’ for Your Yard - No Matter Where You Live

As much of the country faces extreme heat, drought and water restrictions, ScottsMiracle-Gro, the leader in lawns and gardens, is stepping up to help homeowners navigate the challenging conditions.

The brand teamed up with HGTV celebrity landscape designer John Gidding to create “Greenprints”, a series of five distinct landscape designs to educate and inspire homeowners to explore sustainable water-positive possibilities for their yards through xeriscaping with drought-tolerant and native plants - without sacrificing their green spaces. After all, less water does not mean less landscaping possibilities.

The five Greenprints provide inspiration for a specific climate zone, including the Northeast, South, Southwest, Midwest and West Coast and are available to download for free at

Simply download the design you most resonate with based on your region and review the suggested list of items and plants you’ll need to bring it to life. Then, open the iScape app and leverage the AR tool to see how John Gidding’s landscape design and native plant selections can be applied to your outdoor space. Once you love it, save the new design image and bring it and your planting list to a local landscaper or implement it yourself!

These Greenprints can be applied as a full yard makeover or on a smaller bite-sized scale project for those who want to or need to use less water.

West Coast: Nurture Black Walnut Trees In A Coastal Haven

South: Grow a Beautyberry Paradise in a Tropical Landscape

Midwest: Cultivate a Wild Strawberry Haven in a Sun-Drenched Garden

Northeast: Create a Clover and Phlox Oasis in a Sunny Yard

Southwest: Design a Layered, Native Landscape