Sneak Peek into iScape's Image Database Featuring Hardscapes

Are you a homeowner or landscaper working on an outdoor space? Are you interested to see what iScape’s image database has to offer you? Here are some hardscape features from architecture to walkways to fire pits that you’ll be interested to see to improve your outdoor living space!

Arbor Round Up

Arbors are a terrific presentation for an entrance into a yard or small lounging area. What better way to do that than to have some vines growing all around it, making it a magical transition from your yard to your happy place.

Cedar Gazebo

A small gazebo perfect for an intimate getaway from the sun to just kick back and enjoy the view.

Bridge Red Wood

A solid red wood bridge to build over a natural, or manmade stream of flowing water on your property. It doesn’t have to be a stream of water, you can also use the shade under a bridge to grow some thriving shade perennials to give life underneath it.

Walkway Brick Acme Persian Red Curvy Paver

Beautifully red acme bricks to give a nice repetitious texture along the pathway in which you walk.

Fire Pit Beaver Brown Clad Stone Circular

An eye-catching color scheme of deep beaver-brown, contrasting with the rocky, floral-white stone on top. A nice finishing touch to a paver patio.

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