Spotlight On: Red Roses

There are many types of roses, from low maintenance shrub roses to tiny miniatures and antique Bourbon roses. Within each type of rose, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cultivars. Here are a few red roses for every purpose in your home landscape...

Shrub rose: Knockout has become a superstar over the last 15 years. It’s easy to grow, always blooming shrub rose that requires little to no maintenance. It’s known for its resistance to black spot. They reach 40”x40”

Groundcover rose: Red Flower Carpet Roses are a low-growing rose great for large areas that can use all-summer color. They are low-maintenance and excellent if used in an area where their prickles will not injure anyone. They reach 20”x36”.

Climbing rose: Blaze is the climbing rose everyone had to have in the 1950s and it’s still a great addition to gardens with arbors and pergolas. It climbs up to 15 feet and is relatively trouble-free.

Hybrid tea rose: Mr. Lincoln is perhaps the best known red rose, overall. As a hybrid tea, it’s an excellent cut flower, however, it requires a maintenance routine that can include winter protection,  pruning, fertilizing, and extra careful watering.

Care: Most roses require full sun, excellent air circulation, and regular deadheading. Newer, low-maintenance shrub roses are often bred to require little to no deadheading or other maintenance.

iScape it!: Add red roses to your home landscape using iScape. Add a climbing rose to a wall or trellis, or add a nonstop blooming rose hedge without even digging a hole, just snap a photo of the area, or use the new Augmented Reality feature in iScape and see how it looks in your space. So simple, so easy… iScape it!

Red roses

Scientific Name: Rosa

Light: Full sun to part shade

Zones: Zone 3, zone 4, zone 5, zone 6, zone 7, zone 8, zone 9

Plant Type: rose, perennial, shrub

Plant Height: from 2 feet to 15 feet

Plant Width: 3-6 feet

Bloom: white, yellow, purple, red, pink, bicolor

Landscape Uses: Train to climb on walls, trellis, fences, arbors, hedges, groundcover, rose garden, perennial borders

Special Features: Thorns, fragrant blooms

Red roses have a place in history signifying true love and romance. In the home landscape, roses have a reputation for being difficult, but the right rose in the right spot can be an easy way to add a punch of color (and fragrance) that will last for years to come.