Thanksgiving Curb Appeal Makeover

What to do when you want to do a landscape makeover for the holiday season? For northerners, planting is nearly impossible late into November due to frozen ground, but warmer garden zones are still ready and open for planting trees and shrubs even into the beginning of November. Whether you want an update for yourself, visiting family, or for the neighborhood friends, if you live in a warmer state, November is still a time to landscape. The iScape landscape designers saw an opportunity this season to update the curb appeal of this picturesque home, which features a lovely front porch. This view of the iScape digital design demonstrates how different a home can look before and after a landscape installation.

Curb Appeal Transformation

Updating the landscape added color and impact to the curb appeal of this particular home. Basics for improving curb appeal for a home typically include updating and repairing walkways and hardscapes, painting the front door, cleaning siding and washing windows, refreshing mulch, switching out fixtures, trimming trees and shrubs, and of course updating the landscape.

In the before photo of this particular home, one can see it has a lovely front porch, but a small sidewalk on an incline leading up to the steps. This presents a danger hazard. There is a lot of grass, but very little shrubs, hedges, or trees to distract the eye. Reviewing a homeowner’s primary needs in safety and maintenance requirements is as important as designing for beauty.

By adding a level flagstone hardscaped sidewalk, the safety factor is improved. Installing several layers of varying color shrubs, trees, and perennial beds in the front garden creates a place for your eye to wander with curiosity and discover new beauty points. Dark mulch is the trimming on the garden design as it unifies all the garden beds.

Truly, the advantage of utilizing the iScape App enables a homeowner to see what trees might look like when full grown and in full bloom. In this design you can see the designer placed appropriately sized plants around the garden to create a park-like setting. Giving a home a boost anytime of the year can lift property values. However, lifting the curb appeal design in time for the holidays can boost your mood and sense of home as well.

Download iScape now and create landscape designs that improve curb appeal and transform gardens. iScape it!