The Best Home Projects That Add Real Value to Your House

Upgrading your home is always a good idea if you’re looking to sell it faster. With the right guidance, the process can be easy and cost-effective. There are many ways to build your home’s value, depending on your working budget and the level of skill you have or you require.

With a flexible budget, you can have large-scale makeovers in the key areas to attract potential buyers. When working on a tight budget, some repairs and retouches will have a similar effect. Below, iScape shares some helpful tips on what areas to focus the improvement on.

Give Your Windows an Update

New energy-efficient windows bring a sense of style to your home. If your windows need repair or replacement, seek professional window repair services. Currently, the estimated cost of window repairs is $290 countrywide. The amount can be higher or lower depending on the extent of work you require, as well as the kind of windows, materials used, etc.

With so many companies offering these services, do your due diligence by finding out more about companies presenting their tenders. You can get referrals from family and friends. You can also do a quick search for ‘home window repair companies near me.’ Narrow down your search to a handful of contractors. Get estimates from each one and read reviews online to find out the quality of their work. Also, check if they have insurance and have a valid license.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential room in the home for most buyers. Having an updated look in the kitchen can be the determining factor for a buyer. Cabinets with medium-toned colors or honey oak give the kitchen an outdated look and make it seem smaller. Instead of replacing the cabinets, give them a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Popular colors are white and gray but feel free to engage your creativity. For instance, you can have one color for the island and a different one for the perimeter.

Adding a satin finish gives the space some style and accumulates less dirt. For kitchen appliances, buy one high-end stainless-steel appliance. This will give potential buyers the impression that everything else is equally expensive. For older appliances that are still functional, updating their knobs is more cost-effective. Replace the handles and knobs with brass, brushed nickel, or a chrome or silver finish to complement the style. These colors blend in well with stainless steel and most paint colors.

For old kitchen floors with damaged or broken tiles, consider adding a floating floor. The ideal one should be affordable, waterproof, and complement the new style.

Deep Clean Your Home

A clean home will definitely score you some extra points. Minimize the clutter and remove items lying around workspaces such as the kitchen and study. Be sure to clean the carpet, walls, trims and wipe all appliances. Interested buyers are likely to open all the doors in the house, so clean out your closets as well. Tidy up the bedrooms, linen closets, and all storage spaces.

Sprinkle some baking soda to naturally neutralize odors on carpets, garbage disposals, trash cans, washing machines, and refrigerators. Add a few drops of essential oils with lemon or orange scents to a spray bottle and use them as a mister.  You can also add some lemon or orange slices in water and simmer on your stove to create that fresh smell. For garbage disposals, insert some pieces of citrus rinds. Other inviting scents you can use are jasmine, cedar, pine, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

Finally, the entrance to your home gives visitors the first impression of your house. Having an inviting entryway is one of the most effective ways of impressing potential buyers. An overgrown landscape creates a distraction and takes away the element of beauty in your home. Along the path, ensure that you get rid of all the weeds and trim the grass and any hedges. Remember to add fresh mulch or straw to the beds.

You can also place a few flower pots with seasonal plants on the doorstep. Have a beautiful doormat and remove items that crowd the entrance, such as shoes and mail. If your house has a porch or deck, ensure you have a comfy seat or swing for your visitors to sit. Clean the seats well and replace worn-out parts such as throw pillows.

Use the iScape app to better visualize your outdoor space. You can even work with a pro iScape designer to ensure your home makes the best first impression possible on potential buyers.

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