The Landscape World is Changing

The landscaping world is changing. But what does that mean? Keeping up with the latest trends of what homeowners want for their yards or what businesses want for their outdoor landscape is only half of the equation. With the growth of modern technology along with the pandemic still going on, the way landscapers find clients, complete projects, and run their business is being transformed.

The development of computer software has led to many new and great tools for landscapers to utilize. For example, better controls, smarter machines, and greater design technology that can bring your landscaping business to the top tier. And even better, all of these up-and-coming developments can be found on one platform. That’s right, it’s iScape.

Thousands of landscape professionals around the globe have used iScape to save time, provide greater value and make more money. But what exactly can iScape provide you with that will help guide you into the new world of landscaping? Well for starters, iScape is one of the very few apps that gives you high quality photo editing tools as well as Augmented Reality to give your client a virtual tour of your transformative vision for the landscape of their dreams. And even better, if you can’t find a specific yard feature your client is looking for, you can always upload that exact image and use it in your designing.

Along with the powerful designing technology, iScape allows you to work smarter, generate leads, and create proposals to ensure an organized and efficient landscape plan for your business. How? You can streamline the process with clients and get on the same [visual] page fast. You can also join the iScape Pro Designer network and connect with a ton of new potential customers. And you can create branded proposals and material lists with just the click of a button.

Here’s what Hunt Davis, from Canopy Lawn Care, had to say: “We’ve come to lean on iScape as a sales tool. Our field team leverages it nearly everyday. Whether it’s a quick enhancement project collaborating with our client on the fly, or a full outdoor design overhaul, the power of iScape’s visualization solution is clear. The client gets to see the finished project on their own property… all without spending a dollar or putting a shovel in the ground. Once they see what it ‘could’ look like, they’re emotionally charged and ready to move forward. No doubt, it’s helped us grow our business.”

Not an iScape user? Download iScape now and transform your outdoor living space. So simple. So powerful. iScape it!