The New Generation: What Gen Z's are Looking for

While Gen Z’s are a part of the push towards a more technology-driven life, you may be surprised to find that when it comes to the front or back landscape of a home, Gen Z’s prefer more personal control over smart home technology.

According to survey, 54% of respondents want a backyard area with a patio or deck with open-concept interiors, garages, and hardwood floors over a smart home. Smart home technology can include security like video cameras, RING doorbells, electronic locks, remote speakers, automated thermostats, lighting, doors, and more. But only 17% want smart home technology as one of their top desired features.

This could reflect the idea that Gen Z’s have a bigger focus on sustainable and healthy choices for their home environment, like LED lighting, energy-efficient windows, natural furnishings, and more. Interestingly enough, it could also reflect the idea of personal data being used and misused by marketers and advertisers and wanting to remain private by staying off Internet devices.

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