The Perfect App for Spring that Everyone is Talking About

The Perfect App for Spring that Everyone is Talking About iScape Landscape Design Makes Garden Planning Easy (and saves marriages)

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Sue Markgraf

The Perfect App for Spring that Everyone is Talking About iScape Landscape Design Makes Garden Planning Easy (and saves marriages)

In Honor of Earth Day: Consumers Free + Landscape Pros Save 50-Percent on New Downloads

CHICAGO (April 15, 2018) – Just in time for spring projects, a revolutionary new app called iScape (available from the App Store) – takes the design dilemma out of outdoor spaces by putting inspiration directly into the hands of consumers and professionals. In honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day, new consumers to the app receive free downloads and new landscape professionals receive 50-percent off subscriptions through April 30, 2018.

“Whether you like to work on outdoor projects yourself or prefer to hire a professional, use iScape to turn your vision into reality,” says Patrick Pozzuto, app founder. “iScape has easy- to-use design tools that help bring your project to life in no time at all.”

You’ll know how your finished project will look before the digging begins, saving valuable time and money. Take a photo of your space and iScape it! Bring your vision to life with colorful plants, pavers and other elements to “see” how your project will look when it’s done. iScape inventories and saves all the elements in your design, so you can output the list of products you need to purchase.

With a palette of plant and hardscape options and hundreds of design ideas – including for in-ground gardens, vertical applications for the side of a house or garage, perennial and annual container designs, deck and patio treatments, water and architectural features and in- ground or raised-bed vegetable and herb gardening – iScape provides everything you’ll need to creatively conceptualize your space. City dwellers, suburbanites, rural residents, businesses and municipalities all will find the app remarkably useful for their diverse spaces.

The app gives you plant names, height-and-width measurements, climate information and direction on whether to locate flowers, trees or shrubs in sun or shade. Ideal for non-gardeners, do-it-yourselfers, avid gardeners and landscape professionals, iScape helps users picture how flowers will look when planted alone or in groupings. Users will get a sense for how trees, shrubs and other plants will grow into their space when fully mature, and the app even provides options for visually incorporating outdoor furniture, novelty items like birdhouses, windows and doors, fencing, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and so much more.

Don’t have a green thumb or time to do the project yourself? Upload a photo of your space or your design concept and collaborate with a community of certified iScape landscape designers and industry partners

Landscape professionals love the app, too, as it gives them real-time tools to show customers concepts on-site, enabling them to move quicker to the design, contract and install stages. Landscape designprofessionals can run many aspects of their business from the app, including creating customizable proposals – right on the job site!

Join more than 1.8 million users around the world that have already created nearly five million landscape and gardening designs using iScape. The app has a 4+ star rating. It requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download iScape from the App Store.

Here’s a sample of what users are saying about iScape:

  • “Took a couple hrs to master this programme and combining it with another photo app Idid a pencil mud map landscape drawing, took photo of it and then used this programme to put in trees, rocks and textures. It was a very professional presentation that captured the eye of my client and I closed a 1.7-million-dollar deal. This presentation would have cost me a few thousand dollars to get done on Autocad. Took me couple hrs and there it was.”
  • “Before buying iScape, my wife and I would always disagree about the landscape. We both had an idea and vision of what we wanted, but they were typically congruent of each other. Now we can design, visualize, compromise and agree on our landscape plans without all the ‘hurt feelings,’ yelling, chain smoking, store returns, bruising, emergency room visits and colorful language using iScape. I’ve already finished the front yard and cancelled my marriage counseling (because we’re happy… not divor…never mind).”

iScape is owned by iScape Holdings, Inc., an American entrepreneurial company whose team includes Patrick Pozzuto, founder, Charleston, S.C.; Drew Izzo, Park City, Utah, and Jon Dean, Chicago, co-founders; and Christian Gennerman, vice president of partnerships, Park City, Utah. For more, visit iScape on social media and online at For information and to inquire about in-app partnerships, contact