Improve Productivity with iScape

Without a doubt, the distinguishing tool of the century has become the smartphone. Instead of reaching for a ruler, calculator, or camera, all you have to do is pull out your iPad or smartphone, which has all of that and more incorporated. More importantly, productivity has been improved significantly because you can easily collaborate with homeowners, co-workers, accounting, and management partners with a few clicks. There are several apps that can help you increase productivity in design that work well with iScape.

Pinterest - After interviewing the client, you might suggest that they create a board on the Pinterest app, which has their favorite design inspiration. This board can be the springing off point for you to incorporate creative ideas and apply to their iScape design. Understanding the client means a happier client. Check out our Pinterest here.

Google Earth - Before you build anything on the clients’ property, strategically viewing the sites terrain is very important. Find a view of terrain using the app Google Earth so you know where the low points and high points are on the property. Then you can incorporate appropriate plantings into your iScape design.

Smart Camera - Using your iPad or smartphone’s camera, take several photos of the area that will be landscaped. Upload this to iScape and rotate or crop it until you get the aspect ratio you prefer.

iScape – The reason you can increase productivity by utilizing iScape is there is no need to learn complicated software. You can use it in a mobile situation, it’s super affordable, and of course you can collaborate by sending the completed designs to the end client and all your partners. While iScape is a great design tool, it is an even better sales tool for landscape designers.

Thousands of landscape professionals around the globe are using iScape to save time and provide a great value to their customers. Download it now. So simple. So powerful. iScape it!