Use the iScape Visualization Platform to Sell More of Your Products

It couldn’t be easier – let us put your products into the iScape platform and watch your team get energized with a powerful new tool while your sales go through the roof…

What types of products? Well, to name a few: sheds, pools, hot tubs, fencing, firepits, plants/trees/shrubs, hardscapes, patio furniture, umbrellas…and so much more. Let’s put it this way, if you sell a product that a prospective client would like to “see” in their own space before buying, then iScape is the visualization platform for you.

80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer experiences personalized to them.

When trying to promote and sell your products, visual thinking can help present your offerings in a new light, making it easier and simpler to understand for prospective buyers. Especially for Outdoor Living and Landscape Businesses, visualizing your client’s ideas as well as the process by which you go about making it a reality is key to a successful relationship. Standing apart from your competitors is a key to success!

That’s why iScape provides the option to design with Augmented Reality technology or a 2D image. While some people can process imaging well in their mind from a 2D picture, others need to be walked through a 3D “AR” design in order to really see what their future outdoor space could look like. Once the design matches the client’s vision, there’s no stopping the journey to a beautiful outdoor space.

71% of consumers say they would shop (and spend!) more if they used Augmented Reality.

“Technology should amplify human performance and human experiences, and AR arguably does an unbelievable job at that,” said Tim Cook, Apple CEO. “I think it's gonna change everything." And we agree – you can learn more and see Tim Cook using iScape.

For landscape designs, what a homeowner may not be able to envision, we make up for in our AR technology that allows thousands of yard features to be added anywhere, anytime. All it takes is the tap of a finger, and the vision will come to life instantly. One professional landscaper said, “It really helps my clients visualize my plans within their own space, which is invaluable. By adding more items to a design I’ve been able to land more than just the initial quoted service, all because they could see it in their space and liked it.”

61% of consumers prefer brands that use Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality allows for a never-before-seen interactive experience through a connection between virtual and real-life, creating opportunities to walk through new places, build models, and design a whole new world. Not only will you be able to enhance the outdoor experience, but you’ll be able to set up the perfect collaboration dynamic while proving your reliability and skillset to your clients on the spot.

40% of consumers would pay more for a product they could visualize it in their own space.

Customized designs are worth the effort. Clients appreciate that customized designs make their landscapes look better and more cohesive. Spending the time to produce a well thought out custom design absolutely sets you apart from other landscape professionals and gives your designs a custom look that solves problems for the end-consumer.

Want to take it to the next level? Contact us today to learn how your business can leverage Augmented Reality with iScape.