What Can Landscapers Do in the Winter Besides Plow Snow?

Global warming has had an effect on winter weather across the United States and the world; it is changing. Some northern cities are receiving more than 50” of snow per season, while others are having extreme cold snaps with temperatures descending way below zero, and still others have virtually no snow. Snow plowing is the standard job northern landscapers work on when the weather is too extreme to do landscape installations.

What can landscapers do when snow is not available to plow? Occasionally the weather will warm up, the snow melts for a few days and landscapers have no snow. The answer is when the end of the fall season approaches, reach out to individual homeowners and clients and suggest availability for other jobs during the winter season. If a day opens up, a landscaper can slide over to a client’s locale to complete a few tasks before the next big snow.

Below is a list of jobs for landscapers that can fill the no-snow void and create opportunity for landscaping teams.

  • Holiday lights – Installing or removing holiday lights often requires tight scheduling. Be sure to connect with clients in advance and set specific dates. Safety is very important; be sure to research electrical protocols and safety measures for each home.
  • Remove leaves – Homeowners sometimes forget to have leaves blown or raked at the end of Fall. A wet day in November or December works as well as an earlier date for leaf removal.
  • Early spring/late winter lawn work – Late winter is a great time to structurally prune shrubs and trees, pull out dead plants from planters, wrap trees that are suffering from cold damage, and tend to minor home damage from winter storms.
  • Pressure wash – Best done in fall or late winter, a warm day that melts the snow also shows the dirt on siding, driveways, decks, fences, and patios. Homeowners appreciate a clean refresh with a pressure wash.
  • Gutter cleaning – Cleaning gutters is important, particularly in colder areas where long and heavy icicles form dripping off gutters that have not been properly cleaned. A warmer winter day is perfect for this activity and the homeowners appreciate not having to do it themselves.
  • De-icing and ice dam removal – If you have a winter that is not snowy, but is still cold, you have ice. De-icing and salting is an important job, particularly for clients who are elderly and can fall or hurt themselves on their sidewalks. Ice dams on roofs can be equally dangerous. A weekly de-ice is as important as a snow shovel job.
  • Firepit builds – Outdoor entertaining can be important to a homeowner year-round. Creating fire pits for clients is a popular thing, but many landscapers are so busy planting and making hardscapes during the warmer months that certain jobs get pushed off. Fire Pit building is possible and it offers clients the opportunity to have an outdoor experience during the cold months.
  • Interior jobs – Construction, painting, and renovation is often an extension of a landscaping company’s experience circle. Connecting with existing clients to create interior openings builds a stronger network that affords more opportunity for paid work.
  • Digital landscape design – Winter is the perfect time to tap into the iScape App; create imaginary designs for your clients homes, practice expanding your design ideas, and build projects to show end clients during a slower time of the year.

Download iScape now and create fabulous landscape designs that are easy to create. iScape it!