What Homeowners are Really Looking for

Keeping customers during a difficult time in our economy can come down to a few simple practices. Over-the-top architecture, flashy equipment, expensive designs, and complicated methodology is in the past, these days it is all about a landscape professional having a sincere relationship with the client and finding ways to make it easier for them to stick with you.

Clients Want to be Heard – Ever feel as if you have asked for something, but your service provider didn’t understand or hear you? This often happens in the landscaping industry over designs and installations. Have them make a list of their specific needs and email or text the list over to you for convenience sake. You can reply to them in writing with any questions, then show them a clear-cut final design which addresses their needs. By having everything spelled out in writing, it becomes easier to understand what all the project entails so that the installer can put the landscape together without issue.

Time-saving Scheduling Makes a Difference – Clients are overwhelmed with busy schedules, particularly now with children at home from school and non-stop work-at-home schedules. Your clients might find it easier to simply book online through your website. If you don’t have online booking, the ability to contact you via text to book instead of going through a lengthy back-and-forth via telephone will prove useful. This helps them and helps you by keeping it simple.

Customer Loyalty – Word of mouth and smart social media marketing is much more valuable than traditional advertising because it is all based on the relationship you share with the person spreading word of you. If the end consumer loves your work, they are likely to talk you up to all their friends. If you have a lot of engagement with your social media marketing, you have a conversation going among the people who are loyal to you. Customer loyalty is what brings you more business. In turn, rewarding customer loyalty with a “loyalty membership” or “loyalty rewards” of some kind for your regular customers, really makes them feel appreciated.

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