Why You Should Raise Your Lawn Mower Cutting Height

While we often think of “landscaping” definitively meaning trees, shrubs, and garden beds, the largest landscape component in the United States is the grassy lawn. Not very energy efficient, nor beneficial from a practicality standpoint, turfgrass is nevertheless one of the most important and traditional components of a landscape.

Why Not Mow the Lawn Short Short Short?

After we spend the months of spring mowing every weekend, it can become tempting to lower the mower in order to cut it shorter. This might save more than a week or two of your time as you can go longer between mows.

This, however, is a horrible mistake. Grass that is mowed too short browns out earlier and can have more thatch, openings where crabgrass and other weeds can slip in, and can become dry and straw-like.

Raise Your Mower for Healthier Grass

Healthier grass is thicker, greener grass. When summer comes and you are tempted to lower that mower, remember that by keeping your lawn at 3-inches to 3.5-inches high, you are building thicker, stronger grass plants that will prevent crabgrass and weeds from sneaking in.

Of course, taller grass means the grass will look greener and healthier because you are letting the healthier grass remain on top of the plant. Chopping it off exposes the brown under-grass. Blades of grass are also surprising shades for the soil. Providing that bit of soil cover means your lawn is less likely to suffer from summer heat scorch and will help hold moisture better.

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