Winter Landscaping Inspiration

Does your home have curb appeal, even in the winter? It’s not as easy as it sounds, but with a few tips and tricks you can spice up your yard in no time. Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking about how your yard can shine even when it’s under a blanket of snow.

Paint your front door

Choose a different color each winter, or keep up with Pantone’s color of the year (currently Classic Blue). Painting a whole house is an expensive endeavor; it takes less than an hour to paint a door. You’ll be amazed and charmed at the difference.

Plant snowdrops

Although it’s true that you’d need to plant these bulbs the previous autumn, you’ll be in love when these little wonders push up through the snow in early February.

Symmetry and balance

It isn’t just for great estates. Use them on a smaller scale to create big moods and a bit of grandeur in any backyard.

Plant evergreens

Winter is long and looking at what a lot of bare sticks and branches all winter isn’t very romantic. But planting evergreen trees, shrubs, and plants will help as they will have leaves and needles for you to look at all winter long.

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