Yard Trends for 2020

Gardens and yards are a labor of love, usually taking either years to get just right or costing thousands of dollars (and often both), and this makes them often overlooked when it comes to updates with the hottest trends of the season. Here are 4 trends to look for in 2020 and easy ways to inject them into your outdoor living space:


These are an easy addition to any garden. The original Don Featherstone pink lawn flamingos have been around since 1957 and have often been thought of as a token of bad taste. But that is simply not true anymore, pink flamingos can be added singly or in groups to add fun, whimsy and tropical vibes to any garden or container. Look for pink flamingos to flap their way out of the garden in 2020 and show up in interior trends, too.

Natural Wood

Get ready for that shiplap look in outdoor projects, like fences, half walls, 4 season rooms, sheds, and outdoor rooms. Natural wood is the look, but of course, that has a short shelf life when it’s out in the elements. Look for projects that will only last a few years (like a half wall off a patio) or invest in cedar or composite decking materials so that your projects last.

Dark Paint

Another trend in wood is dark paint. Update walls, fences, sheds and even concrete with a coat of black or very dark brown, blue, gray or green paint and watch how it changes everything in your surroundings toward the dramatic. Dark paint hides a myriad of flaws while showcasing plants and other features, all for the cost of a can of paint.

Pollinator Gardens

These are not a new trend, however, there is no end in sight to those that want to plant things that are beneficial to pollinators and other native insects and animals. Considering bees, butterflies, birds, and moths add an extra element to choosing garden plants that aren’t difficult and have a whopping payout. Creating food for insects means extra food for insect-eating songbirds. Having your own backyard ecosystem is definitely on-trend in 2020.