Your Fall 2019 Landscape Checklist

For every season, there’s a landscape checklist. Especially when it comes to your yard, you want to make sure you’re all set and prepared for the upcoming weather, so your yard doesn’t fall apart. So here’s your Fall 2019 Landscape Checklist:

  • Design on iScape! Take a picture of your yard now and upload them to our app so you have ultimate access to different yard features and ideas for the warmer seasons next year.
  • Put away any containers that won't be used for winter interest. You can either empty them and store them upside down or store them in the garage.
  • Mowing fallen leaves is the best way to deal with them. Mow over them and leave them to mulch over the winter. As they break down, they will fertilize your lawn.
  • Add nearly-invisible bamboo stakes in and around ornamental grasses that tend to get a little floppy during winter. The grasses will make a great habitat for overwintering native species and give the winter landscape some texture.
  • Bring in your houseplants that spent the summer on the patio. Autumn is a great time to transfer them to a bigger size pot if needed so that you don’t make a mess doing it in the house.
  • Clean and set up bird feeders in autumn, and consider getting a heated birdbath for winter.
  • Cover and store your grill.
  • Do you have a place to store your outdoor cushions, umbrellas, hammocks or any furniture that may need it? It’s far better to think of that now than once the temperature drops.
  • Consider a patio heater to extend your outdoor patio season.
  • Stock up on firewood for your indoor or outdoor fireplace.
  • Add stakes along your driveway to guide snowplows.
  • Make sure your shovels and salt are easily accessible.
  • Turn off any water and store hoses and fittings indoors.
  • Cut down and throw away any diseased foliage. If left around all winter, it will only infect your plants again in the next year.
  • You can cut down perennials or leave them up for birds to snack on the seeds.

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