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Canopy Lawn Care

The Problem

Liam at BrightView was swamped with creating designs for clients.

The Solution

After trying out iScape, he was able to close 4,000 jobs resulting in $1.2Million in new business. All while saving 20 hours a week of his valuable time.

iScape is currently utilized by 15 Brightview Employees

Increasing sales and customer satisfaction


Amount of Jobs Done


Dollar Amount of Jobs


Hours Saved

Hunt Davis, Canopy Lawn Care

We’ve come to lean on iScape as a sales tool. Our field team leverages it nearly everyday. Whether it’s a quick enhancement project collaborating with our client on the fly, or a full outdoor design overhaul, the power of iScape's visualization solution is clear.

The client gets to see the finished project on their own property…all without spending a dollar or putting a shovel in the ground. Once they see what it ‘could’ look like, they’re emotionally charged and ready to move forward. No doubt, it’s helped us grow our business.” 

The Work

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