Design Terms

iScape Hire-a-Designer Terms and Conditions

An “iScape design” is a graphic representation of landscape items, placed over a 2D photo of your space and/or rendered via Augmented Reality technology. Though we cannot guarantee accurate scale, distance or the growth habit of specific items available for design, we’ve made every effort to create a visualization tool that would give you the “look and feel” of a finished and mature landscape project. iScape reserves the right to use finished designs as part of its ongoing marketing efforts. All visualizations created by a professional iScape designer are considered as final consideration for payment regardless of whether or not the end client elects to proceed with the actual project installation. Local experts should be consulted before making any final purchase or installation decisions. iScape has no relationship with, and is not responsible for any negligence of, any contractors that might be hired to complete installation of outdoor living designs. Customer waives any rights to recovery from iScape for injuries or claims that may occur related to any installation of iScape designs or related services. Further, customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless iScape from all claims, losses, expenses, fees - including attorney fees - costs, and judgments that may be asserted against iScape resulting from the acts or omissions of the design services provided herein.