5 Tricks To Successfully Overcome The Most Common Exterior Design Challenges

Creating a brand new exterior design comes with many challenges that can cost you time, money, and unnecessary stress. Currently, the US landscaping services industry is worth $115.6 billion and will continue to grow at a fast pace. So if all your neighbors, friends, and relatives have stunning gardens where you can relax, but yours isn’t at its best, it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Before you get into action, get familiar with the most common exterior design challenges and the ways to overcome them. Here are a few valuable tricks to help you out:

  1. Deal With Standing Water

Standing water can be such a hassle: some gardens are filled with water after a light rain, which leads to poor gardening, dead plants, bugs, etc.

The solution is to find a draining method, and here are some great examples of how to do it:

  • Create a pond if you have enough space and decorate it.
  • A dry creek - a deep and large trench filled with rocks that will eliminate the remaining water.
  • A french drain with a pipe with small stones will take the water away from your garden.
  1. Tackle Hills And Slopes

Hills and slopes in the front yard or in the back can get in the way of creating an appealing landscape as well as interfere with the function of your garden. Before you start thinking of options to deal with hills, you should assess the situation and check the health of the trees and soil. If the tree can become a hazard while growing, you have to remove it, but if it’s fully grown and creates a pleasant barrier, you should keep it.

The best ways to deal with hills and slopes are:

  • A path that fits into the design with stones or rocks.
  • A multi-level garden with walls to support the hill and increase the space for planting (one of the levels can also serve as a patio with a table and chairs).
  • Paving stones are excellent for stabilizing the soil on the hillside.

In addition, you should opt for native plants that are easy to maintain, and automatic irrigation systems, since maintaining hills and slopes can be another challenge.

  1. Think About Erosion Control

If you don’t work with a professional landscaping designer, then chances are you haven’t even thought about soil erosion. Unfortunately, erosion and runoff are pretty common.

Erosion can be very damaging to your landscape and your home. Therefore, you should consider preventing and limiting it while designing your perfect exterior design.

Some of the best solutions include:

  • Add a gorgeous retaining wall that will lower or eliminate the run-off.
  • Create grades and scales that will take the water away from your yard.
  • Add stones and rocks to hide the eroded areas and turn them into a different rocky oasis.
  • Artificial grass is the way to go for garden spots where nothing else seems to work.
  1. Keep Things Neat

Another common problem people deal with when designing their gardens is the lack of storage for their tools. All your tools and gardening equipment have to be stored to prevent damage, possible injuries and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the garden.

Here are some creative solutions you can try:

  • Create seating areas, with benches that store tools and enhance the garden design.
  • Store your hose in a beautiful hose hanger, storage bench, retractable hose reel, creative hose pot, etc.
  • Build a small shed in a corner of the garden and paint it in a pretty color.
  • Install a modern unit with vertical storage to fit most of your tools and save space.
  • Add storage hooks on the back of your garage door and hang the tools there.
  1. Add Privacy

The landscape of your garden might be stunning, but what about your privacy? You should think about this as well when designing the exterior - here’s how:

  • Planting fast-growing plants (bamboo, shrubs, vines) and tall trees to serve as a visual and sound barrier between you and the surrounding houses.
  • A source of moving water such as a fountain can also help with loud neighbors.
  • Shade sails and covers are perfect for creating a more intimate setting.

Make sure you plan the placement of trees very well because they’re hard to move once they grow. Also, you don’t want your trees and plants becoming a problem for the neighboring estates.

Crafting an appealing exterior design can be tricky, and you’ll stumble upon many challenges while planning your garden. In this article, we covered some of the most common ones, but in some cases, the best alternative is to work with a professional exterior designer or landscape professional.

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Annie Morton is an avid nature lover from rural Australia. After some international adventures, she has settled in New York City. If you have any questions about Hoselink Retractable Garden Hose she is the person to talk to.