It is Perennial Season at the Garden Center!

As the heat of summer rises, garden centers stop featuring annuals and move on to a new plant approach: perennial season. A quality landscape design features perennial plants as the go-between from larger trees and shrubs and the flowering annual. Now that garden centers are chock-full of perennials, start planning the landscape plantings now!

Why Choose Perennials

Perennials are a long-term investment for your garden as they come back every year in the spring with beauty and grace. Consider planting flowering perennials that look attractive and promote local pollinators within your neighborhood. Definitively, a perennial plant lives for two years or more. Many perennials can live for ten or even twenty years if cared for appropriately.

Typically, most perennials in the East, North, and Midwest die back during winter and return every spring with an explosion of gorgeous greenery to start the process all anew. However, perennials can live year-round in the South and Southwestern parts of the country, so perennial season at the garden centers can expand to a larger part of the summer and fall.

With careful planning of the landscape and a good understanding of the perennial plants flowering cycle, you can plan gorgeous flowering and foliage displays, which help support your local wildlife.

Tough Common Perennial Varieties that Survive Everything

Below is a list of tough plants that can survive almost anything once they are established:

Asiatic Lily

Japanese Anemone

Russian Sage

iScape it!

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