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3 Smart Hillside Landscape Solutions

Although they can be immensely beautiful, hillside gardens can be challenging. See how easy it is with iScape to plant a terraced garden.

Tips & Tricks

August 13, 2020

Transform Your Outdoor Living Simply

Whether you start on a new slate or have some kind of idea you want to build on, you can begin anywhere at any time with your outdoor designing.

Design Inspiration

August 10, 2020

Yard Suggestions Homeowners Will Love

It’s important to have a couple yard suggestions handy for when a homeowner looks for guidance in making the outdoor design decisions.

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August 8, 2020

Heat Related Illnesses and First Aid for the Landscape Worker

Whether you are a homeowner or a landscaper, working in the summer heat can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Below are four types of heat illness and what to do in an emergency.

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August 6, 2020

Perennial Garden Design Ideas

There are several design techniques for perennial garden design including the eventual size of the plant and the garden's specific sun and water needs.

Design Inspiration

August 3, 2020

Inspiring Yards of the Month

Here are some inspirational before & after designs of yards that were completely transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with just the tap of a finger.

Design Inspiration

July 31, 2020

Plant Spotlight: Mugo Pine

Find out why these beauties in the home landscape are darlings of the winter season.

Plant Spotlight

July 29, 2020

Beneficial Insects for the Landscape

The real focus of keeping a landscape pest-free should be in retaining and supporting beneficial insects. Find out more here:

Tips & Tricks

July 26, 2020

Plant Spotlight: Magnolia Tree

Flowering Magnolia trees have some of the most outstanding blooms in nature. Find out how to plant these trees with plenty of room with iScape!

Plant Spotlight

July 24, 2020

Smart Composting Tools

Here are a few composting tools to help you speed up the compost conversion!

Tips & Tricks

July 21, 2020

Plant Spotlight: Threadleaf Coreopsis

This delicate-looking herbaceous perennial has an exceptionally long bloom period. Does it perform well in urban areas though?

Plant Spotlight

July 19, 2020

How to Plant Perennials

Approaching a homeowner with a smart perennial design where they have time to make decisions on preferred plants is a good plan.

Tips & Tricks

July 16, 2020

You Can Do It: Shrub Rose Care

These breath-taking rose bushes can be good functioning tools in the landscape. Find out why:

Plant Spotlight

July 14, 2020

Summer Landscaping Maintenance Tips

With the heat of summer hitting the country hard in mid-July, it is time to think of summer maintenance for the landscape.

Tips & Tricks

July 11, 2020

Safe Ways to Sell Your Home in a Pandemic

Think selling your home during a pandemic is crazy? Think again! Find out why it's an opportune time to buy and sell.

Tips & Tricks

July 6, 2020

Can iScape Give You a Forever Home?

Through iScape’s visualization, Mandy was able to enjoy seeing what her future could look like at her forever home.

Real Stories

July 6, 2020

Celebrate the Weekend with iScape

Perfect preparation is the key to overall success of everyone's experience, including the layout and decorations of your outdoor space.

Design Inspiration

July 4, 2020

It is Perennial Season at the Garden Center!

Now that garden centers are chock-full of perennials, start planning the landscape plantings now.

Design Inspiration

July 1, 2020

Plant Spotlight: Parry's Agave

Read more on how to care and grow this delightfully small gray/blue-toned plant with a very slow growth rate.

Plant Spotlight

June 24, 2020

Annuals Add Pizzazz to the Landscape

Mixing annuals with groundcovers, perennials, vegetables, and shrubs in both garden beds and containers can mean an endless celebration of color for your landscapes. Here’s why you should add them to your landscape:

Design Inspiration

June 22, 2020

The New Generation: What Gen Z's are Looking for

Find out what new home buyers are really looking for and why that makes iScape a good investment


June 20, 2020

Augmented Reality is the Future

"In a few years, we're not going to be able to imagine our lives without [AR],” Tim Cook says. But guess what? We’re already imagining it for you.


June 17, 2020

Success Tips for Your Landscaping Biz

Customizing your landscaping business can make a tremendous difference in how you find success. Below are a few success tips for making your landscaping business run a little more smoothly.

Tips & Tricks

June 15, 2020

Plant Spotlight: Dusty Miller

This amazing statement in an annual garden bed or window box is best known for its leaf designs, which can be delicate and lacy or quite bold. Read more about when, where, and how to plant.

Plant Spotlight

June 12, 2020

Are You Selling or Are Your Customers Buying?

Here are five ways you can focus on getting your customers to actually buy instead of spending too much time on selling.

Tips & Tricks

June 9, 2020

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